Рынок автосервиса растет

Do you want to be in any crisis at work?

Learn to repair cars.

Almost folk wisdom.

So, why does auto service business grow even in a crisis?

Experts associate the growth of car repair business with a number of criteria. Earlier, by the way, he was only one - they say, the number of cars is growing, hence the growth. But here an unexpected crisis and since 2014, when all segments have fallen including the very sale of cars, car repair service providers receive in the worst case a stable financial picture.

Hence, the collision - the number of cars sold falls, and repairs are increasing. No no. Digging deeper.

Several factors influenced the growth of the market.

    Update fleet. Most cars can no longer be repaired in the garage with three keys and a pit (well if there is any). So, garage services for the most part remained on the surviving century of the Soviet car industry. We agree that there are a lot of such machines, but you will not do serious business on them
    Increase in the cost of parts. After the jump in the dollar, the cost of spare parts also increased. If earlier it was possible to buy brake discs, then now - groove. If earlier a new glass, now more often repair.
    Increase in the number of sales of used cars. The market has grown and even CarPrice notes that during the crisis this segment turned out to be the fastest growing segment. And here already there is a polishing, painting, a dry-cleaner - in a word, a good pre-sale preparation. At the same time, some sold the used car, while others bought it and "got out" the troubles that had to be eliminated. The circle is closed - there are more work for the auto-dealer.

 The desire of people to save on repairs, make it a good service and led to the creation of such aggregators as KarFiks, B-Avtoservis.rf, Rep. These services took all the problems associated with choosing a service for themselves and all that remains to be done to a person in a few clicks is just to arrive at the appointed time in the service.

 The volume of the market of car-care services in Russia is 600 billion rubles. This is the data for 2017!


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